Earn ADA just by holding.

EarnADA is a new generation of autonomous frictionless yield farming protocols.

Hold EarnADA in your wallet to earn ADA. Claim your ADA at any time.



• 100.000.000 Token max supply
• 2.500.000 Token max hold ( = whale protection)
• 250.000 Token max sell (can be lowered to 50.000) + 30 min sell lock after each sell ( = dump protection)

Taxes (variable)
10% Buy
20% Sell

Distribution (variable)
40% Ada reflection
40% Auto LP
20% Burn

These values are variable and can be modified up to 20% total tax to accomodate the situation. In other words: the total tax can not exceed 20%. The tax changes can be initiated by community vote!


Earn ADA just by holding

A percentage of each transaction gets converted to ADA.
You automatically stake all your token, so you can claim your ADA at any time.


A percentage of each transaction gets converted to LP, this leads to a steadily raising price floor.


A percentage of each transaction gets burned. This increases the scarcity of each eADA in circulation.

Whale Protection

Every wallet can hold max. 2.5% of the initial supply.

Dump Protection

Every sell exceeding 0.5% of the initial supply will be declined.
Sellers will get locked from repeated sells for 30 minutes.

Marketing Tax

A part of each transaction gets converted to bnb and will be used to pay for marketing and developement cost.


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